Not all caffeine is created equal. Our mission is deliver premium tasting teas as a reliable and sustainable source of energy. 

Working in Silicon Valley I experienced the hustle and bustle of quick city living. The constant movement, production, and demands of work and home life. Discovering tea lead to a more holistic approach to energy and one that benefited my overall well being. Soon I was bringing new teas to work for my colleagues to sample. They quickly caught on and were blown away by the benefits of tea along with the full flavor each steep provided. 

From there I focused on creating a brand that conveyed a message of sustainable energy, focus, and balance at work and at home. Delivering teas that provide a multitude of benefits and unique range of flavors. 

Who we’re not:

  • A skinny tea type brand
  • Focused on an ideal body image

 Who we are:

  • All-natural, small-batch tea company
  • Provider of teas and blends focused on vitality and well-being
  • Promoter of holistic health as it applies to body and mind

Thank you for stopping by, and we guarantee you'll enjoy your tea!